Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Grace of God

I would be a very ungrateful person if I did not share my experience lately with the Grace of God. As you all know, I am leaving for my mission very very very soon! I have worked my butt off trying to save my portion of my mission. It was hard & took some sacrifices on my part & the help of so many people around me...

I guess you could say it all began when I moved to college. I had the intention of serving a mission then, I was not 100% sure though. I did know I should start saving money just in case. I applied for many CNA jobs and was offered one quickly. I accepted without missing a beat because as a college student, I couldn't waste any time! Well for some reason, I felt very uneasy about this job. I was making more than my last CNA job, but not much. The same day I accepted the job, I received a call from Kolob. They wanted to interview me. I felt that I should go and just check out the place. I was interviewed by the DON. I asked "When can you let me know by?" Her response "Right now, we would like to hire you." It happened so quickly, but I accepted and had a $2 raise from my last job & felt so much better about this place! Heavenly Father blessed me with a job that paid me more so that I could have a better opportunity to save the money I would need.

I had planned to stay in St. George for a couple of weeks after school got out so that I could save some more. Well, I had no place to live and had to move home. I was extremely nervous about having enough money. How was I going to come up with the rest of the money with no job & a million things that still needed to be purchased!? I stressed and stressed to my parents how worried I was about this! They told me that if I believed I was doing what I was supposed to (preparing for a mission) then I just needed to let go and trust in God. That is easier said than done. But I decided to truly give it a shot.

Well, I made a list of the many things I still had left to purchase and do before I leave. One of the top things on my list was immunizations. I have no insurance, so I would be paying for this out of my pocket! I called the health department and was told that it would cost over $100 for the two shots I needed. I was sick to my stomach and contemplated just telling the missionary department that I was "refusing" the immunizations. But I remembered that I just needed to put my trust in God. & also, the church wouldn't want you to do something for no reason (& i'm pretty sure that I would have gotten sick for being disobedient haha jk) So I went. Then something small but miraculous happened. The lady at the desk for some reason decided that she would only charge $5 for one of the shot & the regular price for the other. I was amazed. This was a small thing, but it meant the world to me. I realized then that Heavenly Father was touching my life in very simple and amazing ways.

The next big money sucker on my list was the dentist (again, I have NO insurance... and this was going to cost a lot!). Just a little background. I have terrible teeth. It does not matter how many times a day I brush and floss my teeth, without fail, every dentist appointment I have had one or more cavities. I was very sure that I was going to have a few. Well they did my check up & xrays and I waited nervously to hear how many cavities I had this time. "Well, all your teeth look great! No work needs to be done. See you when you get home from your mission!" My jaw dropped. Someone could easily brush this experience off as me getting lucky. But i know. I know that my Heavenly Father is continuing to bless me as I prepare to be a missionary.

Many other things have happened. Small things defiantly. Things like mission shoes being on sale, getting babysitting jobs, getting more on my last pay check than expected. But I know these blessings come because of the Lord. Not by any coincidence. There were times where it was hard to sacrafice for this. I stayed home spring break while all my friends went to Cali, I worked extra shifts when I was tired, I sucked all my plasma out, I paid my tithe when I didn't know how I would pay for things without that money. But when you do all that you can, God makes up for the rest!

My parents have beens SO kind to help me with so much also. My Grandparents has put out her fair share of money for this mission and I am so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed me with such wonderful family members to help me along the way. Gods Grace is real everyone. 

love, mo.

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