Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014 -- Hello From the MTC!

Alright! so hello! 

I want to thanks everyone for the letters/dear elder. hahaha funny story... gpa put elder instead of sister and now all the elders in my district think its hilarious to call me elder price! hahahaha! please thank emily for me and even forward this to her because i dont have her email i must have forgotten to write it down! 

the first day here was literally the longest day of my life! i dont know what goes on here at the MTC but it is a time warp. i feel like ive been here for months. i love it, dont get me wrong. but the days do seem extremely long. after sunday it has seemed to start speeding up though. the first day i got my companionS. i am in a trio! sister j & sister h. they are both from utah. but we are all going to different missions! sister j is going to TX & sister h is going to Iowa. we are a unique trio because of that. i am the only sister on  my way to TN & will be traveling with 5 elders. (pray for me!)

my teachers are really great. we have sister donaldson & brother christensen. they are really nice & both recent RM's. 

let me tell you a little about the elders in my district. we have 4 elders. 3 are going to texas with sister j (elder n, elder a, and elder p) then the other elder is on his way to TN with me. most of them are recent graduates from high school. i really want to tell you how cool elder p is. he has cerebral palsy. he is such an inspiration! he is the sweetest spirit out there. he really struggles to walk & has even fell a few times here at the MTC. all the elders in our district & zone take very good care of him. his companion elder m is so good to him, who knew guys could be so nice & caring?! elder p actually gave me a blessing yesterday. it was amazing. he will help so many people out there! 

we have two investigators right now. April- she is our teacher portraying an investigator on her mission. april is great! i love april! she wants to follow jesus christ and i extended the invitation to be baptized. i  was really really nervous about doing that so soon. but i have learned her that asking someone to be baptized on the first lesson is VITAL. its not like getting them to do it, its helping them prepare & take our lessons seriously. 
our other investigator we met yesterday. she is a TRC investigator (where they may be actors or actual investigators WE WILL NEVER KNOW) it was seriously the most frustrating lesson. it was via skype & the spirit was not there. jessica is a very logical minded person and really doesn't seem to care about God. she mostly brought up all these bible verses trying to get us to bible bash. she was super distracted and me and my companions had a melt down after that lesson. 

the food is great. i will likely gain here. not because i am eating a lot but mostly because you sit in a classroom for 12+ hours a day. but thankfully God has taken away my bad thought about gaining and helping me realize that there is more to life than being a size 0. that does not mean i want to be a size 50! hahaha! but that brings me to gym time. GLORIOUS GYM TIME. i love gym time. i honestly would die without gym time! i run on the track for about 30 minutes and then go play volley ball with the elders. its nice to have time away from the classroom and relieve the many stresses you have being a missionary! 

so i do have my departure date & time. i leave the mtc at 330 AM. i repeat AM. can you believe that? also that means i will not get another pday until the next monday in TN. bummer... right?! my flight leaves at 730 to georgia. i will probably call really early, thankfully you guys get up early! hahaha i will probably call grandma & if i have time then i will call gpa. 

then i have a layover 45 min in georgia and then i will call lisa & joshy. don't know if i  will have the chance in georgia. but i would love to talk to you guys since i wont have a pday for 2 weeks. so keep an eye on your phone. 

tonight is going to be a broadcast... they said its a very important speaker. im guessing elder holland... but you should watch it because i will likely be in the chior and you could see my adorable face hehe. yes i am doing choir. sister h convinced me. 

i just want to let you know that i love you & that i already wrote a handwritten letter addressed to everyone. so there are more details there. i love you all! and would love to chat if anyone is on! 

ps. if you have questions you need to number them! 
p.s.s grandma i was sad i didn't get to email elder bowden yestday! so don't worry im not gonna lie to you! 

love you
sister price 

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