Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dear Sister Price...

To say I'm a little late for this post is quite the understatement. I thought about not writing anything at all since most of you already know where I have been called to serve. But just in case somewhere out there someone still has no idea... this ones for you.

So the wait was excruciating... I turned my papers in January 5th & it didn't come January 31st! The Friday before I asked my bishop if it had been assigned & he broke the news that it hadn't. I was bummed- another week without my call. I had thousands of doubts in my head & was just emotionally drained from thinking "where in the world will I go?" The next day I was just bored & out of curiosity decided to try logging into my ldsmail (those of you who have served or are going to serve know that you can't log in until your call has been assigned.) I had tried this a million and one times during the month of January and this time it let me in! Calliope & I had a freak out in the car, thats when it got more than real for me. I didn't want to jump to conclusions so I texted my bishop to make sure it had been assigned & he gave me the long awaited "It has been assigned!" Little did I know that, the waiting game was just going to get worse.

I figured I'd be like Braxton (Elder Bowden) & get my call the coming Wednesday. Nope. It didn't come Wednesday or Thursday... I gave up on the week. Who's mission call comes on a Friday!? To say I was disappointed was an understatement. Then Joshy texted me & told me it had come. Talk about excitement.

Well... I couldn't come from St. George to Syracuse until the next morning. Though, I didn't mind that short 24 hour wait! The drive home was one of excitement, anxiety & just felt like a blur of a dream. I came home and we had some family come over. My best friends on Skype & I was shaking.

Silly thing to be shaking over right?! I felt completely ridiculous & I really hope my guest didn't think I was being ungrateful but I couldn't even form words to hardly talk to anyone! hahaha. Then the moment I had dreamt & anticipated since last March was here. My hands shook as I opened the envelope & my heart was in my throat.

"Dear Sister Price,

You are hereby called to serve as a missionary[This is the moment I accidentally looked down and saw where I was going] for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Knoxville Tennessee Mission."

& I really don't want to be cheesy or anything, because when people told me this I thought they were full of it. But as soon as I read Knoxville Tennessee... I KNEW that was exactly where I needed to be! I was so worried I would be called somewhere & be bummed or not excited. Nope. The Lord sure knows us & knows where we need be.

I leave June 4, 2014! Provo MTC.

I could not be more excited to serve in Tennessee!  People keep telling me... June is far away. Oh no... it feels SO close. Not that I'm counting or anything... but I 98 days until I go! Time seems to be flying by.

Thats the story.


P.S. If you're wondering how I broke the news to Elder Bowden... I felt super creative & ordered a Pizza to his apartment & had the Dominos people write Knoxville Tennessee June 4th! (They thought I was insane on the phone.) But he really loved that he got to know the same night I did. (: 

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