Monday, January 27, 2014

Faith & quite a bit of music.

First off, I really have missed blogging my heart out. But it turns our college makes you a little busier than expected. Since I ditched FHE to do homework (yes, go on, judge me.... hahaha!) & finished it way earlier than expected, instead of logging onto Netflix & catching up on PLL... I decided I'd write again. I have so much to tell all of you.

So guess what? You remember all of those countdowns I posted... like... the 100 days until my mission papers went in!? Well folks! My papers went in and just last Thursday MY mission call was assigned. That means 'the brethren' all looked at my dorky picture and were inspired to where I should spend the 18 months of my life serving the Lord. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED.

It wasn't a smooth road like we all hope for. But boy does the man upstairs know what he is doing. I turned my papers in January 5th 2014. Not by chance, obviously I wanted to turn them in that day for SO long. But as the time got closer to me turning in my papers it seemed impossible to get them in on that exact day. I was frustrated, stubborn and in need of a little humbling. The Lord knows me so well. He relieved my anxieties and by nothing short of a miracle... my papers were submitted! Not even a week later my dear stake president sent an email to me telling me to get ahold of him. (eek! I knew something was wrong.) I was told that I needed to get some more information, then to re-submit my papers. I was really frustrated then. I did as I was told and was told my call could be delayed up to a week or two months. There was no way to know!

Lets just say God is full of sweet sweet mercy! That my call will most likely be here this week! I will finally get to hold a call in my hand and I cannot wait.

Through all these small but very hard trials, my faith was pushed along with my patience. I learned so much about myself & Heavenly Fathers plan for me. I learned how much easier life is, if you just put your complete faith in the Lord and press on. As Jeffery R Holland put so well "No misfortune is so bad that whining about it wont make it worse."

So thats that, stop your whining and try trusting the One who knows you better than anyone, who loves you more than you can imagine, and seems to have a better perspective on things than any mortal.


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