Monday, September 2, 2013

the life.

So I thought since I have a second I should update this blog & tell you a little about college life & what life is like without Brax by my side.
I moved in a little over two weeks ago at Canyonlands at Dixi State! I have 5 wonderful roommates...

  • Toussi
  • Aoua 
  • Fatou
  • Kristen
  • Sierra

The top three names are our older roommates & are from Africa. They are the sweetest, most hilarious people I've ever met. Life is definitely not dull with them! Kristen & Sierra are both Freshman like me! Life of a college student? What does that even mean...? Well I'll tell you. It means NO sleep, Parties (the good kind, of course), odd meals or none, broke, work, study, fun- so much of it! & the occasional mental break down. My days are absolutely INSANE. I have never studied like this in my life! I didn't even think I had it in me. BUT surprisingly & thankfully I do!
This was our dinner Sunday night. Casserole, green beans & pop corn. haha!

This is just a hint at what my life consists of. 
At the Foam Dance. 

Now to talk about life with Brax on a mission... It is SO hard... but SO worth it. He has emailed me twice & written once. He flies to Reno tomorrow (the 3rd)! He is doing so good & seems to be really happy. I am so proud of that boy. Its almost been two weeks since he's been gone & I realize everyday why he is so special. (:

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