Tuesday, July 2, 2013

cali/vegas vaca

So just last week me, Brax, and my family went on a trip to California. Along the way we stopped in Vegas! It was seriously SO MUCH FUN! This vacation was a lot more laid back than my other vacation experiences and that's probably why I loved it so much. 
Sunday- drove to Vegas, walked on the strip.
Monday- drove to Cali, settled in, went for a walk on the beach.
Tuesday-hung out, went to Huntington beach farmers market, ate sea food.
Wednesday- went to Disneyland!!!
Thursday- surf lessons and beach day
Friday- Dodgers game
Saturday- drove to Vegas, walked on the strip again, swam.
Sunday- drove homeeee! (: 

I absolutely loved having Braxton with me and my family on the vacation. He's just so easy to be around and my family grew to love him!


 Vegas baby!
 M&M factory 3D movie--the absolute most cheesiest movie EVER.
 Coca-Cola factory(aka brax's heaven)
 The ladies at the amazing garden!
 Just at the beach (: 

 This is where we got our surf lessons.

 We happened to go the Dodgers game on 'Mormon Night', and Elder Holland threw the first pitch!

 Not to get all mushy on you, but I love this boy.

Had such a fun time. I love my life. 

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