Monday, July 14, 2014

i want a kitten. kthanksbye.

h e l l o !
well this week went by fast... THANKFULLY! i was starting to believe that i would be a missionary for all time & eternity! hahaha goodness. don't get me wrong... i love being a missionary... but 18 months is plenty of time. haha! its kind of cool because all of the other missionaries know how it feels and something my DL said to me was "the weeks fly by... but they don't ever seem to add up to anything!" seriously! like i feel like it is flying by.. but then again im like ive only been gone for 6 weeks? what the? hahaa! my DL actually goes home in 2 weeks so he is pretty excited slash not! its kind of weird the emotions you have as a missionary!
um. everyone is getting married. so i hate all y'all. jk way happy for them... but shesh! ive been told by about 5 of my friends that they are getting married. & its just kind of like. STAHP. (: its fine. im a missionary. i don't need no man. hahaha
speaking of weddings the elders had something way cool happen sunday! so they have been teaching this girl named angel & her BF travis (travis is a member) and they have 2 kids but aren't married. angel has wanted to be baptized but can't until they get married or move out... BUT on sunday they announced that they are getting married this thursday! so that angel can be baptized & so that they can raise a 'traditional' family. i was so happy for the elders. kind of gives me hope with a few of our investigators.
jessica-- i was so worried about teaching her the law of Chasity! like... "hi, can you not do that anymore? i'm not the one asking! its Jesus!" hahaha.. but she totally accepted it! she really wants to be baptized & live the law! but her BF is not thrilled-- hmmm i wonder why!? so she is trying to work things out with him. they may or may not get married. (i kind of dont want her to marry him.. but its not my decision hahaha!) but she came to church for the 2nd week in a row & just seems to be doing awesome! (:
right... so embarrassing moment of the week! we are at a members home. i wont say their names because im scared lisa is accepting friend requests on my behalf on FB... but yeah this family is a little awkward to be around.. they are just so uptight ya know!? anyways we always share a spiritual thought at the end of our meal appointments & we shared it on the atonement. & as a missionary you share the same message over & over sometimes & you kind of mix up your words and say stupid things! well we were closing the spiritual thought & --- me being the idiot i am i say "we thank THEE for dinner, in the name of jesus christ. amen." i somehow thought i was praying?! gah i wanted to DIE! oh well-- there is no growth in your comfort zone & no comfort in your growth zone.
we have exchanges today... FROWNY FACE. i am terrified of the sister training leaders. hahaha. sooooooo i dont want to go! its for a full 24 hours. & they have bed bugs! so yikes. that means i will most likely get bed bugs. gross!
so we have been volunteering at the ecumenical storehouse-- which is a way cool place! so people donate their furniture, glassware, tables, tv's whatever. & then someone can be referred by a clergy or bishop or red cross to the store if they are needy. then they go through a interview process of what they need to get on their feet. then are allotted what they need! for free! so when we volunteer often we move furniture(yay for workouts!) or we are in the storehouse helping the clients get what they need. its a way cool system!
another funny story. so  my DL is driving the car & we are going to get lunch... but he accidentally cuts off someone. and he says "crap! does she look mad?" and i look over and notice that she is waving her middle finger at us. & i go to say "yeah!" but sister stewart--- being oh so innocent says... she is waving her pointer finger at us like "no, no! bad boy!" i just laughed. i was like "that was not her pointer finger!" hahaha! sometimes sister stewart is so innocent.

we go to these apartments and call them the "towers" they are kind of creepy. just because a lot of schizophrenics live there & sometimes when you are in the halls there are people pounding on random doors saying weird things... but they always have vulgar things written on the walls. but sister stewart never reads the whole thing. hahaha. one time there was writing on the elevator and she just ready "donkey" and i laughed because the surrounding words were vulgar & she just is so naive! but yeah-- creepy towers, we are always complimented on our teeth for some reason!
i want a kitty. everyone has kittens here right now & it makes me want to jump off a cliff because they are so darn cute! so.. keep that in mind. i'll be home in like... 16 months and 3 weeks. so get on that!

well hope everyone is well.
love you
miss you
sister price   

 ^this pic is awk
 ^im mortified that i did this, we dressed up as cows & got free chickfila! brax will be so so proud!!
 ^waiting to be picked up to do service. i miss wearing jeans!
 ^this is dixie. shes so cute.. i miss working with the elderly.
 ^it literally was pouring so hard SO HARD and i got so wet while we rode bikes #hardcore
 ^ s e r v i c e
^last monday for pday we played tennis. oakley looks like she is taking a selfie! haha!

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