Monday, July 7, 2014

dooms to all that haven't written me a letter.

well hello dear dear dear loved ones! 

I really wish i knew how to begin emails--- that is honestly the hardest part. tbh! i'll start off by saying... hope y'all had a good 4th!

for the 4th, we got to stay out until 1030! praise! hahaha. we got to watch fireworks & be with members. which is like sooo fun. they allowed us to spend 2 hours doing ward activities too. so we went to a softball game that was with our ward. yeah... i totally played. then i broke my hand. no joke i thought i did & all i could think about was "if this is broken... then we will get the car!!" hahaha im pathetic.. i know! but anyways. i caught the ball with my hand that had no glove & it make the loudest noise & i bit my lip trying not to cry! hahaha. then we went to in-field and everyone was like "sister price! your turn to bat!" and i was trying to play it all cool that i wasn't hurt and was like "nahhh i dont want to bat!" when in reality my hand was throbbing & already swelling up. i ended up having to hurry & walk away because i started crying hahaha. a lady from the ward followed me & i felt like such a dork! but she thought i maybe just bruised the bone... she was a nurse! but my hand seems to be doing a lot better now! & no.. i didn't get the car ): --- but yeah! i got to go watch fireworks & all that jazz. it was wonderful! 

so tim has been MIA... URG! we had to drop his baptismal date because he did not attend church this sunday... sooooo he can't be baptized until later on (you have to attend 2 times before you are baptized.) so hopefully we can find him & figure out what the heck is going on! he seems so interested in person and loves the gospel... but he disappears a lot! 

BUT we have another baptism date! Jessica! weird... right!? but she is totally legit. We have her set for aug 2nd... and she came to church this sunday. best feeling ever honestly! she took notes in relief society and wanted to come volunteer at the store house with us this week! way cool! the only probs with jessica... is that she will have to move out of her bf apartment or get married to him before she can be baptized. we have yet to have taught her the law of chasity. awkward life here we come! 

I assume this week we will be committing someone(S) to baptism also. The Huddlestons. their great! they are about in their 70's & southern baptist. they are what you call an eternal investigator... hahaha they have been teaching them since january. sister huddleston wants to be baptized SO bad. brother huddleston has been really difficult on the missionaries-- but he really has been coming around lately AND even defended the book of mormon at work! way cool! i literally have been dreaming about them and what we can do for them because i just want them to be baptized so much because--- ya know!? hahaha. but we are going to invite them to be & we will see how that goes.  (: 

oh! & i met my new mission president. he's pretty chill. hahaha. they have 3 kids that still live at home. they are all girls. but yeah... idk what to say!? i met with him briefly. he's nice. & knows the muirbrooks. so thats cool. 

um. yay!? i have been gone for one month. longest month ever. but its been good. i'm learning a lot about myself & what makes me happy! the weekend was HARD on me. because i missed my f a m i l y & knew y'all were at bear lake! looks like you had fun. 

well... thats all i have for this week! 

sister price 

everyone calls me "sister price-is-right" here. lololololol

^this is sadie she is one of the shermans kids-- wearing my sunglasses! 
^ this is oakley! another one of the shermans kids.. shes the funniest kid!
^elder brown & elder sterling the 3rd. lolololol they're interesting
^me & sadie waiting for fireworks! 
^me & oakley & elder sterling.. 
^ this is diana.. she is less active because she cannot leave the nursing home. but i felt like a cna in my isolation gear! i miss my cna days!!!
   ^ignore my huge arm. gross. but thats us with root beer floads. even though it looks like we are drinking beer... we aren't!
 ^k so it was like 102 degrees and high humidity and i was dying.... so was sister stewart & we were on bikes... we are so hardcore..  ^undies in a bush... only in TENNESSEE!
^ cheesy bike pic. yes i was wearing a helmet... just took it off so i didn't look as dorky as usual. (:

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