Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goodbye 700's.

Yes I am going to be that cheesy girl that gets excited when the numbers change. Don't hate. This week was ONE MONTH DOWN! & also the days of 700's are g o n e. (thank heavens!)
23 months to go until he is off his mission. But really we don't know when we will be seeing each other next until I get my mission call. So this countdown is really mis-named. But I'll change it up once I know when and where I am going...

Speaking of MY mission. Can I just say that I am SO stinkin' excited? If you know me, you know that I plan plan plan! & I am already planning so much. If all goes as 'plan'... my papers will be submitted in 104 days! That is nothing. How do I know that is nothing? Well because I remember looking at my countdown when Brax was leaving and he had 100 days till he left, & that flew by SO quickly. So keeping my fingers crossed! Plus in 104 days we will be well out of the 600's!

I tell time now-a-days in strange ways. I had completely forgotten there was a month of October, because I would count when I get to go home & visit... which is November & December. Or I have these laundry things that have 24 in them & I was like "oh my heck! When these are gone that means Brax has been out for 24 weeks! That is 6 months! 1/4 of the way!!"
Silly me.

Well hopefully soon I'll have more interesting things to blog about...

But until then, peace.

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