Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dear Elder Bowden....

So my best friend in the entire world got his mission call this week and I truly couldn't be prouder of his decision to go on a mission...
Anyway, Brax got his call to Reno, Nevada. He leaves August 21 to the Provo MTC.
He couldn't be anymore excited. Brax got everything he asked for:
  • He didn't want to go foreign, he was actually praying for something like Idaho. (he got the next best thing)
  • He didn't want to speak a different language.
  • He wanted to leave before September.
People keep asking him if he's bummed about  not going very far away from home, but he honestly couldn't be happier.
plus, letters are going to be so fast. That's a huge plus.
p.s. when I move down for school and he is in Reno, we'll only be 535ish miles away from each other. <3

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